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Countdown Starts Everyone!

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6 days until Asia !

Check out this Asiantastic video

yes I said  Asiantastic


Beijing in 7 days !

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Beijing is recognized as the political, educational, and cultural center of the People’s Republic of China. Its art treasures and universities have long made the city a centre of culture and art in China. The city is amongst the most developed in China with tertiary industry accounting for 73.2% of its GDP; it was the first postindustrial city in mainland China.

Finance is one of the most important industries of Beijing. There are 751 financial organizations in Beijing that generated 11.6% of the total financial industry revenue of the entire country. It is also accounts for 13.8% of Beijing’s GDP, the highest percentage of that of all Chinese cities.

Beijing is home to 26 Fortune Global 500 companies, the third most in the world behind Tokyo and Paris.Beijing is increasingly becoming known for its innovative entrepreneurs and high-growth start-ups. The culture is backed by a large community of both Chinese and foreign venture capital firms.

Halal KFC !?

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A while back we discovered a Halal KFC in Ottawa. They only have halal chicken pieces, but that’s a good start!

Now we all can have heart attacks at age 10.

I took an amusing picture while ordering, hope you enjoy it.

Good ol’ KFC man next to the Halal certificate….indeed it is a taste of time

The Indian iPad

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Oh no poor Apple got ripped off by some random Indians with a ghetto version of iPad…


Oh no the entire world was getting ripped off by Apple and some Indians came to the rescue.

Lets start this rant….

Notion Ink

Its founders are six IITans and an MBA grad. With an average age of 24, they believe India has what it takes to compete with the most innovative tech companies in the world. “We knew that Indian engineers and designers were doing most of the innovative work at Microsoft, Intel, and Apple. We just needed to take the first step,” says co-founder Rohan Shravan. “Current PC technology is like a Hummer on a city road,” quips Rohit Rathi, the youngest of the group at 23.

Apple iPad vs Indian iPad “Adam”

  • The Indian iPad has “only” TWICE the battery life
  • The Indian iPad “only” has TWICE the processor performance
  • The Indian iPad DOES play full HD videos
  • The Indian iPad DOES have flash for the web browser
  • The Indian iPad screen can be read in DIRECT sunlight
  • The Indian iPad will be CHEAPER… no price confirmed but judging by the production process expect it to be MUCH less.

Now it is up to their marketing scheme, with a $1 million app store competition. Things are looking good for all of us.

India has a middle class of about 200 million people. The “Adam” will probably hit stores in 1 or 2 years maximum. Apple does have time to improve its already out of date iPad but it can’t compete on price as the Adam is coming to North American markets

Enough said.

ps the Indian iPad has a camera ..shhhhh

Watch out for Guangzhou!

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Another City we are travelling to …

It’s the third largest city in China and the capital of Guangdong Province, a vital transportation hub and trading port.

Guangzhou is the main manufacturing hub of the Pearl River Delta, one of mainland China‘s leading commercial and manufacturing regions.

The major industries are auto-mobile assembly, biotechnology, heavy industry, international trade, logistics, processing industry and computer software.

At present, Guangzhou is the city that uses the most LPG-fueled vehicles in the world. All buses and taxis in Guangzhou are LPG-fueled to promote clean energy for transportation and improve the environment.

Only a snap shot of this amazing place!

Sing The Night Away

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Last Friday, the preparation for China/Malaysia mission was finally taking its toll on me. The constant GO GO GO GO mindset needed a time off.

So I was glad to have a relaxing lunch with some old friends at a french pub in downtown Ottawa. Will, Sal, Benazir, and I reflected on the “olds times”, it’s always nice to revisit the past. From there I took my Sal on a journey of self discovery, lets tone down the seriousness. We went window shopping as I recommended some styles to him. Eventually Eryou and I crashed Brown and Ana’s house, again I apologize to them as I thought Eryou asked before we came barging in.

That’s when Eryou sang us a song. (He’s a great writer and a good singer).

After a few good laughs, Eryou and I met up with Glendon and Lopez to have dinner at the classic mexican place in d-town. We decided to chill on Lopez’s epic balcony. They sang the classics as Lopez had the ability to play every song known to man kind on his guitar….

The honourable Natalie Melanson jumped into the signing party and we sang the night away….

in short,

Sal+ Benazir+Will + Eric Eryou + Ana + Eric Brown + Nat + Glendon + Lopez = epic times.

Now I am fully charged to carry on.

P.S. this video is for Glendon!