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Spain: Great at Soccer…how about Economics?

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Spain has been a country of missed opportunity, misguided fiscal/ monetary policy and terrible macro performances…unemployment is reaching 20%….

Well…the Spanish Government  has refocused and as a result it appears that the right direction is being taken.

Watch this IMF Video on the Spanish Come-Back

very slow…patience…sometimes going back to move forward…just how they play soccer and won the World Cup!

Enjoy this (somewhat overly optimistic)  video and get an insight on whats happening to Spain

I am not sure we should be this optimistic as we have yet seen the results of the “new” economic policies

Time will tell…I hope they do rebound


Listen to Shaaz & Andrea’s CBC Interview!

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Hey everyone!

The interview went really well. It is the start of our goal to spread the word to all Canadian youth about the rare opportunities Global Vision offers to young professionals. Promoting Canadian culture and business on the international stage is something all energetic and capable Canadian youth should aspire to accomplish!

Check it out!

Shaaz and Andrea\’s CBC Interview

In Malaysia at the Petronas Twin Towers comes to Ottawa!

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TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) is a global set of conferences curated by the American private non-profit Sapling Foundation, formed to disseminate “ideas worth spreading”. The talks have been offered for free viewing online, under a Creative Commons license, through

TED was founded in 1984 as a one-off event, and the conference was held annually from 1990 in Monterey, California. TED’s early emphasis, was largely technology and design, consistent with a Silicon Valley center of gravity. The events are now held in Long Beach and Palm Springs in the U.S. as well as in Europe and Asia, offering live streaming of the talks.

They address an increasingly wide range of topics within the research and practice of science and culture. The speakers are given a maximum of 18 minutes to present their ideas in the most innovative and engaging ways they can. Past presenters include Bill Clinton, Jane Goodall, Malcolm Gladwell, Al Gore, Gordon Brown,Richard Dawkins, Bill Gates, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and many Nobel Prize winners.

Coming to Ottawa?

Yes, now a select few will have the chance to be filmed for 5 minutes in which the speaker will cover 1 life changing moment she/he has experienced thus far.  Another topic can be 1 life lesson that everyone should adhere to in order to succeed in life.

These mini ted inspired talks will be posted on Mind the Gap for all to learn from and discuss about!

The goal is to foster an environment where the citizens of Ottawa can use MTG as a medium to communicate to everyone….Ottawa is one of the most educated cities in the world…a responsibility  is bestowed upon us to share this knowledge.

I am drafting up the speakers from students and professional, if you want to take a shot at it …give me a shout through facebook or email.

Shaaz and Andrea on CBC LIVE!!!!!

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Andrea and I will be on CBC’s Ottawa Morning tomorrow at 8 :15 am!

Ottawa Morning is Ottawa’s number one morning show, hands down. In fact, day in and day out, more people listen to CBC Radio One in Ottawa than to any other station in town.

Join Kathleen Petty and the Ottawa Morning team for a fresh take on what you need to know to start your day, and what you want to know to live your life.

We will cover our journey with Global Vision over the past 8 months and share the experiences we gained through the China Malaysia Economic delegation

What is Mind the Gap?

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The story behind MTG began with my father’s journey to England. He was launched into the world of international finance with the dream to create a great life for his family. A few months passed by as he learned the ropes of banking with great success, made great friends and was on course to live his dream. However, my father was not fully content with his surroundings as a sense of “emptiness” seeped into his mind.

One day during his daily commute on the subway in London, a sign that he was accustomed to, took on a whole new meaning. He experienced an epiphany as he glared at the ever so common sign entitled “Mind The Gap”. In matter of seconds, everything made sense to him. The realization that he is bridging the gaps between two cultures, to truly understand the differences between them, brought a sense of calm, a sense of purpose.

This is the essence of what Mind The Gap is trying to achieve, with an explosive rate of population growth, hundred of cultures, religions, languages; it is up to you to break through these barriers. I will continue to write some amusing slapstick comedy blogs but alongside some serious ones that will include an analysis on how the IMF has changed due to the world recession; what lessons have I learned from China/Malaysia; where Canada should be on the international stage; some reviews on the World Bank project; and of course debates on economic policies. Fashion is one the fundamentals of life; used as a tool to express oneself to the world. My travels around the world has given me some insight on fashion as various cultures and will be incorporated throughout MTG.

MTG will have special blogs written by guests from different walks of life, these people will range from friends, random strangers, to professionals, all coming under one umbrella to mind the gap.

*The ideas for MTG are mine and people who may be tempted to steal them, don’t.

Economic Student Association 101 Video

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I look like a club promoter….all that should be said.

Video of Tennis in Beijing!?

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Here is a video made during the first days of the delegation, thinking of you Mr. Eryou!

I never got a chance to play due to lots of work but it was cool to see it was an option.

Converting to Gmail

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Mr. Chow strongly recommended converting to Gmail to stay in touch with Junior Team Canada and better organize my life on the web. I have four solid reasons for the switch….

  • Treasurer  of uOttawa’s Tennis League
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Junior Team Canada Graduate / Canadian Trade Ambassador
  • Volunteer on Parliament Hill

All these titles/ jobs mean one thing: A TON OF EMAILS EVERYDAY EVERY MINUTE…which I love…but it can be daunting to manage and very important emails have slipped under the radar.

I also am going to try out “Buzz” from Google, in an attempt to reach out to citizens of the world wide web. One would hope that promoting your  brand to the world will yield some positive results. The transition is going smoothly as I am connecting my old emails to my new account on gmail…hopefully this results in faster response times and better results for the people I work for and with.

add me !

Crazy Chinese Video by Shaaz and Potters in Guangzhou

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As we entered our world class hotel, Mr. Potters was transfixed on the floating musical instrument….it was a white piano on some type of platform which floated on water (leave it to the Chinese to make something this epic).  Mr. Potters was tired from the long bus ride  and stated “this is some fine looking glass” as he jumped into the water (about 1 foot deep). He shortly realizes glass is not liquid as he scurries over to counter asking whether it was possible to dry his very nice shoes……

The man replies “Ah yes we will send them to the shoe cleaning centre”

we both replied “A SHOE CLEANING CENTRE?!?!!?”

about 30 mins later after we settle down in our amazing room, we decide to make a video ……..upon recording the Shoe Cleaning Centre enters the room by fluke….

The rest is history, enjoy the video of two very tired individuals being exposed to a world class hotel room.

please remember…we were running on 6 hours of sleep over 2 days…lol we were flipping out for no reason..also there was not a shanty town it was a construction zone… will all make sense once you watch the video.

I love Guangzhou. Good Memories.

I am Sorry.

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While waiting for my airplane at the HK airport, I  was just thinking about Mind The Gap “MTG”….

This blog is about to go through a massive overhaul, it has not lived up to my standards thus far….. simply do to my unrealistic expectations of blogging/uploading videos everyday while on the actual mission.

Time was simply not on my time….nor was technology.

Regardless, MTG blog has been averaging around 60-80 hits day from various people on the net..and I am very grateful for the ones who follow my journey. It has been a ‘hit” in those terms…..


Once I create the new series of blogs, personal China/HK videos, and some good ol’ life lessons….MTG will be what my Communications Manger (William Greenwood) and I envisioned.  A portal of life lessons about the gaps between all of us, from economic to cultural.

William has worked very hard in promoting MTG…..but I feel like I have failed him and everyone by not fulfilling the  blogging quota as originally planned.

I will make up for this.

ps. there have been some people who have misunderstood “MTG” and are attempting to make a joke out of it.

It’s unfortunate, but I suppose you can’t win them all. For those who do appreciate what William and I are trying to do, thank you for your support….please feel free to offer some constructive criticism. We always love to hear from our followers!

Alright….next blog I will re explaining what “MTG” is all about.

Me at the Beijing Hotel