Shaaz Nasir

About the Blog

“Mind the Gap”?

Consider it a philosophy, a mindset on how to approach life and personal development. In an age of social media, our world is shrinking but at what cost? There are too many gaps between people, from cultural gaps to  economic ones, by traveling the world I seek to understand them and maybe even bridge some. Issues from Economics to Fashion will be fleshed out to provide readers a complete package on entertainment and serious information. Many young professionals are lost in the ‘pursuit of yuppiness’ and tend to miss out on the nuances of life.

MTG starts where The Economist and Harvard Business Review ends, consider this an easy read with the intent to further your understanding of the world and yourself.

This blog has no Borders, Limits, or Insecurities….one step at a time, we will mind the gap.

  1. Hello there!
    Just wondering if you happen to know who the photographer is who took the wonderful Hong Kong fireworks photo for Mind the Gap – Hong Kong FIREWORKS Baby (July 26, 2010)?
    I have a client who is interested in possibly using the image – with permission of course.
    Thank you in advance for your assistance.
    Best regards,
    Daryl in San Francisco

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