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Mind the Economy: “Currency War” made simple

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How do Currencies and Interest rates play off each other?

More recently, many developing countries have had to contend with their own currencies rising and undermining their competitiveness.

The problem is that those low interest rates in the developed world have led investors to seek higher returns elsewhere, in emerging markets.

To invest in those markets, they need to buy the currency and that pushes its value up. That in turn makes those countries’ goods more expensive for foreign buyers and the overseas investment money creates a danger of unsustainable bubbles in their property and financial markets.

China has stopped its currency rising much by buying foreign currency. If it were to refrain from that and allow the yuan to rise, it would probably help other developing countries that compete with China, as well as the US which is protesting the most.

But there is another force behind the rising developing world currencies. Their economies are growing robustly, while the rich countries are not.

The tension over between the US and China over currency policy surfaced once again at the International Monetary Fund Talks

USA renewed the pressure on China to allow its currency to rise. The US has a long-standing grievance over China’s currency policy, which limits the movement of the yuan against the dollar. The American complaint is that it gives Chinese exporters an unfair competitive advantage.

There was a vigorous response from Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of China’s central bank (The People’s Bank of China), who blamed the rich countries for problems in the currency markets. Mr Zhou said extremely low interest rates in rich countries had created “stark challenges for emerging market countries”.

My Thoughts on the Gap.

Tensions are rising among the developing world and developed as priorities on currency (non)manipulation begin to clash. However, should a country stop manipulating its currency in the name of “fairness”?

Destabilizing the economy in the short run, running the risk of damaging the private sector as businesses go bankrupt; jeopardizing an economy’s growth and ability to reduce poverty  does not sound “fair”. The notion of “fair” implies morals which begs the question: who is making these moral rules?


International Economics is a game where rules are subjective but actual substantive growth is tangibly objective. I am not for currency manipulation but neither am I for irrational and sudden policies  that would jeopardize  an entire economy….especially not the economy that’s the driving force of world growth in terms of consumer consumption ….

-Articles combined from BBC & CBC


Video of Shaaz in Hong Kong!

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I must warn you; I am very excited and make no sense.

Do not  worry, I will calm down and make sense.

The Embassy of Canada in Beijing welcomes Shaaz!

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Welcome to the Embassy of Canada in Beijing!

The JTC crew will be welcomed by The Embassy of Canada in BEIJING !!!

They have gathered a select group of Embassy staff and local business people to welcome us and share some of their experience, wisdom and enthusiasm for China. This is going to be a great opportunity to understand different viewpoints from various sides of China!!

I will keep everyone posted !

Shaaz in Hong Kong and Interview with CBC?!

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Hello everyone!

We have landed in HK at around 5 am, the flight was about 14 hours. We will be hear for about 5 hours as we meet up with the rest of the team coming from Vancouver.

From there we will fly to Beijing for the opening of the economic delegation to CHINA!

I am trying to post a video up but so far no dice…

The CBC has requested an interview with me at the moment. We are trying work out the logistics; hopefully things work out!


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“Where worlds collide and something beautiful is realized”

Hong Kong is one of the world’s leading international financial centres, with a major capitalist service economy characterized by low taxation, free trade and minimum government intervention under the ethos of positive non-interventionism. The influence of Hong Kong is further felt through the HK dollar as it’s the 9th most traded currency in the world.

Furthermore, Hong Kong is the world’s eleventh largest trading entity, with the total value of imports and exports exceeding its gross domestic product. HK is also the world’s largest re-export centre as its economy is dominated by the service sector, which accounts for over 90% of its GDP, while industry constitutes 9%.

But lets go beyond the numbers and economic jargon.  HK is a place where traditional meets modern, the east meets west. The point where worlds collide and something beautiful is realized. Hong Kong embodies capitalism at its finest although there are issues in terms of income distribution, HK survived the world economic tsunami and is moving forward to improve itself.  Culture, history, economics …Hong Kong has it all and more.

I am proud to be apart of the Hong Kong Team heading to Asia in 6 days.

We will have lots of fun, lots of work,…and lots of success if we work as a team.

Find out more at

Chinese Robin Hood!

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Annie Wu established the first joint-venture company in mainland China.  In 1979, after Deng Xiaoping introduced his policy of reform and opening to the world, Annie Wu was the first entrepreneur through the open door. She beat the competition for the now-legendary No. 001 Joint Venture business license. Her company provides on-flight catering for Air China.

The Hong Kong businesswoman is the proud owner of business license 001, for Beijing Air Catering Company. Wu is chairperson of the World Trade Centers Association of Hong Kong, and her devotion to public service has been recognized through a string of awards.

Her upbringing had a big impact on her life. “My family was very progressive. People were always coming to the house to meet my father, and so I got to meet a wide range of people. We were not an average Chinese family. It was an innovative and encouraging environment,” Wu said. From her father, Wu learned “the business world is a world for men.” That, however, didn’t deter her.
Wu had a head start in life: She attended Sacred Heart Canossian College in Hong Kong, and St Godric’s College, a finishing school in Hampstead Heath in London.

How does she do it? “Anything is possible if you have good staff around you. I believe you can groom yourself into the style of life you want,” she says. “I wanted to be Robin Hood. He’s a hero of robbing the rich to help the poor.” It could be said that Wu has achieved her dream; while her business ventures have always stayed above board, she has focused her time and attention on convincing Hong Kong’s wealthy to donate money to the most needy in society.

She’s a modern-day Chinese Robin Hood.
 She has focused much of her charity efforts on children. Her work at the Chinese History and Culture Educational Foundation for Youth is aimed at educating Hong Kong’s young people about their cultural identity. “Hong Kong has no national identity. We want young Chinese to have a Chinese identity. Not only be patriotic, but to have a link with the mainland,” says Wu.

The organization arranges five-day visits to Beijing for Hong Kong children who would not normally have such an opportunity. “They get to know Chinese history and culture instantly.” What is her advice to children who dream of success? “Be assertive, flexible and congenial. Don’t sit around waiting to be served. Have ambition and develop your own goals.”

There are lots of people all over China who depend on Wu. The Chinese Government launched its Western Development Strategy in 1999, and Wu rose to the challenge.

Her footsteps are all over Yunnan Province and the Tibet and Ningxia Hui autonomous regions. With The United Nations Children’s Fund—UNICEF (China), she lobbied for funding from the Ministry of Health for a national hepatitis B vaccination program for children. Ningxia became the testing site for the project. Wu is a council member of UNICEF Hong Kong who has donated more than US $17.5 million to UNICEF (China). “This was not from corporate donors, but from people on the street. We organized pop concerts, video appeals and street stands,” she said.
 Wu has many roles: Successful entrepreneur, China’s Robin Hood, and fairy godmother to the children around her. So, when does she make time for herself? She doesn’t. Says Wu, “If you look at what you can do for yourself, you’ll become very small minded.”

for the full article

The infamous grey suit..WHERE ARE YOU!!!

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I have searched far and wide, to the depths of hell and have returned empty handed. I can not find the infamous grey suit, at least in Ottawa. Too big, too short, size 42 means 38 or 48. Or I find a nice one but it’s over half a grand, I am not going to get suits that cost that much until I am worth it. It’s like a 14 year old owning a blackberry bold, NO. I must have been in about 50 stores so far, I am going for one last wild goose chase at Bayshore, no not dark grey, blue grey, green grey, just light grey.

Banana Republic, Mexx, Bay, Sears, La Chateau, Tip Top, even Moores, man I checked everywhere, Hugo Boss, Harry Rosen some random ones in the by-ward, St. Laurent mall, nothing at all… not what I need.

No there is not a deep message in this post, I just want a light grey suit for China.

Anyone help is needed!

China, Malaysia and Beyond!

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Now that you know what Global Vision is about, it’s time to tell you a bit more about myself. After a long process, I was ranked in the top 45 youth in Canada by Global Vision. As a Junior Team Canada Ambassador, I will be representing my country, community and businesses in China and Malaysia!

Here is a break down of the delegation:

August 3rd -7tth : Beijing

August 7th – 14th : Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou

August 14th -19th : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Going to be a blast!!!!